Wilfred Schäpermeier


My name is Wilfried Schäpermeier; I was born on 9th April in 1942, in Rheine, Germany.
I have been doing dog sports since I was 24 years old.

Until today I trained and handled nine dogs (German Shepherds) in the trials IPO and FH.
With four of these dogs I have been successful in the "LV- and National Championchips".
As a protection helper I worked up to the LV.- Championchips.

Since 1983 I have been working as a judge in the DVG/dhv (Deutscher Hundesportverband).
In 1988 I was elected chief judge (LRO) in the dhv.
In 1989 I was elected second chairman of the AZG (Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Zucht und Gebrauchshundevereine).

After Hans Rüdenauer retired as President of the AZG I became his successor.
After liquidation of the AZG 2009, I became chairman of the newly established VDH Commission of Working Dogs. Until today I hold this position.

At the meeting of the FCI Commission of Utility Dogs in Turin, I was elected Vice President of the FCI Commission in 2007. I'm still active in this position today also.

Despite all activities, nationally and internationally, I did not lose the contact to the base and to my home club in Rheine. For over thirty years I was chairman of this association and I am still active in dog sport.

Sincerely yours
W. Schäpermeier

    Supervisor A

Eberhard Ükötter



First off all I would like to say thanks to the FCI Working Dog Commission for the trust, that they invited me to be the supervisor in the tracking area on the 2014 FCI World Championship in Malmö.
From 1967until today I am active in dog sports. I started in training with German shepherd dogs. Meanwhile I work with my wife four Belgium shepherds. Since 1986 I am working judge in Germany. As a judge I took part in a lot of big national events in Germany. In the year 1992 Hans Nievergelt (president of the FCI Working Dog Commission) asked me the first time to be the judge during the World championship in Slowenia. Meanwhile I was the judge in Nitra (protection), in Breda (Obedience) and in Götzendorf (first FH-Championship).
I wish a smooth organization for the event for the organizers. I would like to congratulate all the handlers for the qualification and I wish a lot of success for them. They deserve it according to their work with the dogs.

Best regards
Eberhard Ükötter
Tracking supervisor

    Judge A

Urs Meyer


Since 33 years I am active in dog sports as a dog handler and helper. During this time I have trained and performed 3 German Shepherds and 3 Malinois in the class IPO 3 and FH at national as well as international level. I am currently conducting a Malinois in the IPO class 3.

In 2010 I completed the judges examination and have since then judged at national and international trials and competitions. Since 2007 a FCI Pool LR judge/WUSV foreign judge, and in the LAO Switzerland responsible for the LR training. Since 2012 I am responsible for the training of helpers.
Vice President of the Technischen Commission für das Sport und Gebrauchshundewesen of the LAO Switzerland.From 2009 -2012 the FCI delegate of the LAO Switzerland for the FCI Utility Dogs Commission. 2012 Supervisor at the FH-WM in Velten, Germany. 2012, Judge at the FH-EU in Ohlsdorf, Germany. Hobbies: Dog sports, Aviation, Motor sports.

I want to thank the FCI Commission for their confidence and for the LR line-up.I wish all teams a successful and fair World Championship 2014 in the host country Sweden/ Malmö.I also wish the organizers and their assistants a successful World Championship.

Urs Meyer
Judge A

    Jugde B

Gerold Scheryer


Job: Police dog handler and trainer of the Federal Police dog Training Centre in the Ministry of the Interior
Helper work: CACIT – Championships, World championship Dobermann 1995, Austrian Nationals, Helper trainer of the ÖGV (Austrian Working Dog Association)
Judge: Since 15 years ÖKV-Judge for working dogs Austrian Nationals, Hungarian Nationals, FMBB World championship 2005  IPO-FH World Championship 2012 Croatia

Cynological Functions
¤ Executive sports Director of the Austrian working dog association (ÖGV)
¤ Member of the Austrian working dog Commission (ÖKV)

Dog handler
¤ 11 times member of the Austrian national IPO team (FCI/FMBB)
¤ World Champion FMBB 1995 (Belgium)
¤ 1 x FCI-World Champion with the Austrian Team (1995)
¤ 1 x FMBB World Champion with the Austrian Team (2002)
¤ Vice World Champion FMBB 2002 (Slovenia)
¤ 4th Place FCI-World Championship 1995 (Finland)
¤ 5th Place FCI-World Championship 1997 (Slovakia)
¤ 2 times winner of the Austrian Nationals
¤ 4 times second place Austrian Nationals
¤ 2 times Austrian Police Dog Champion

    Jugde C

Hari Arcon


I have been judging since 2002.

¤ Judging in standard exams and competitions
¤ Judging in National Championships in Slovenia , Italy, USA, Russia
¤ Judging in International tournaments CACIT in Serbia, Italy , Hungary, Asia championship in Sud Korea, Taiwan , Grece
¤ Judging in World Championship qualification competitions in Italy, Slovenia , Grece, Spain, Russia
¤ Judging in Regional Championships in Italy
¤ Judging in FMBB (2007) and FCI World Championship – discipline C (2010 Finland )

¤ Italian – advanced level
¤ English – upper-intermediate level

¤ Chief of international exhibitions and competitions of working dogs
¤ Responsible for the work with helpers was to 2011
¤ President of the German Shepherds' Club in Slovenia to 2013
¤ International judge for working dogs
¤ Lecturer of Cynological themes at Slovenian Kennel Association

My history
Since I was a boy I have been surrounded with dogs. My father was an active competitor for 30 years and he competed in the WUSV World Championship for 5 times. My father always tried to involve me in working with dogs as much as possible and in such a way gave me the basis for all the work I have been doing ever since. I helped my father with training of the dogs and I started to train some other dogs already as a teenager. I also trained my brother and his dog and he managed to classify for the FCI IPO World Championship. I also worked with my wife and prepared her for IFR World Championship.

Although I have dedicated most of my time training whoever shows the slightest interest in working with dogs, I have managed to compete in the WUSV World Championship, too.
Working with dogs and working with other handlers and helping them to prepare their dogs for most demanding competitions is a big challenge for me. I always dedicate myself completely to work in my kennel club, where I train prospective dogs and their handlers. A lot of them have won different awards. While still very young I got the licence for helpers and in 1992, at the age of 23, I was selected as a helper in the World Championship in Ljubljana. I try to pass on the acquired knowledge to other members of the club and helpers in Slovenia. Besides I also breed German Shepherds kennel LEOMEGY, which take part in many competitons.

One of big challenges for me is also organising different competitions and so at the age of 29 I succeeded in organising the World Championship for Giant Schnauzer. When I was 31, I organised the 12th FCI IPO World Championship in Nova Gorica and in 2006 in 2012 universal sieger WUSV
I am also aware that just being and working with the dogs is not enough for my professional development. So I always attend different seminars, read books and articles on dog breeding and training and exchange my experience with other successful trainers, helpers, handlers and judges. Since 1998 I have always attended working commission FCI meetings and I have never missed FCI and WUSV seminars.

Dogs :
IAX LEOMEGY my new GSD 18 mont. old
ARES TAX LEOMEGY , WUSV 2009, 2010, best tracking 100 points and FCI 2011
Title : International working champion
Slo champion : 2010
Slo vice champion : 2008, 2009, 2011
Best german shepp. 2007, 2008, 2009,2010, 2011