IPO VM 8 to 14 September 2014 Malmö Stadion

Monday 8/9

Secretariat opens 12:00

Tuesday 9/9

7:00 to 17:00 Veterinarian inspection / training at the stadium

Wednesday 10/9

07:00 to 12:00 Veterinarian inspection / training at the stadium
13:00      Referee meeting
     Demonstration of protection and obedience work
15:30     Team leader meeting
17:30     Opening Ceremony
19:00     Draw at Hotel Mercur

Thursday-Friday-Saturday 11-13/9

06.00 Entrance opens
06.30 The competitions starts
19.40 The competitions ends

At the stadium, obedience and protection
work, shift after every six dog.

The tracking starts at 08.00
every day with six dogs in each round.

Saturday 13/9
20.00 WC-party kl.20.00 Sportsbar O'Learys Stadiontorget

Sunday 14/9

06.30 The competitions starts
12.00 Any bitches in heat
16.00 Awards Ceremony
preliminary schedule


We wish team leader welcome to the Secretariat.

Hand in competition books for all team members.

Leave the country's national anthem on CD. (Labeled with the name of the country).

Bitches being in heat must be reported at registration.

You get information, maps and more. by us.

Opening hours of the Secretariat: 08/09 - 14/09-2014

Monday:             12:00-17:00

Tuesday:             09:00-17:00

Wednesday:       07:00-16:00

Thursday:           07:00-19:00

Friday:                 07:00-19:00

Saturday:             07:00-19:00

Sunday:                07:00-15:00

Competition Books returned in the secretariat , 09.14 when the awards ceremony is complete.

30 minutes before the scheduled training time, participants must veterinarian inspect their dogs in teams.  Wild card have training time with the team from the country he / she comes from.

Teams with few participants have been merged. This is to save time and to be able to help each other.

Tuesday     Wednesday  
08.00-08.35 Sweden   08.00-08.15 Taiwan
08.40-09.15 Austria   08.20-08.55 Ukraine
09.20-09.50 Belgium   09.00-09.25 United States
09.55-10.15 Canada   9.30-10.00 Azerbajdzjan, Croatia, Greece
10.20-11.00 Czech Republic  
11.05-11.45 Denmark   10.05-10.35 Luxembourg, Norway, Belarus, Malaysia
11.50-12.05 Estonia  
12.10-12.45 Finland   10.40-11.15 Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Serbia, South Korea, Turkey
12.50-13.15 France  
13.20-14.00 Germany  
14.05-14.25 Great Britain      
14.30-14.55 Hungary      
15.00-15.25 Italy      
15.30-15.55 Japan      
16.00-16.25 Netherlands      
16.30-17.00 Russia      
17.05-17.35 Schweiz      
17.40-18.10 Slovakia      
18.15-18.40 Spain      

We welcome to the World Championship dinner party.

Saturday, 9.13 pm. - 20.00

Dinner tickets are available for purchase in the information tent.
Children's tickets are purchased on the spot.

Location: O'Leary's Sports Bar

Price 265 SEK


Swedish buffé with tastes from Skåne

Included: one glass of wine, beer, or soda


Thin biscuit made of onions with Allerum Vicar Cheese and thyme

Dill pickled salmon with baby spinach and sunflower seeds

Skåne sirloin steak fried with pepper together with red onion and mustard from Skåne

Turkey, roasted root vegetables and red onion chutney roasted in the oven

Beets in variation with honey, goat cream cheese

Potato gratin with parsnip and caraway

Slowly baked tomatoes from Vinslöv in Dijon vinegar and bread croutons

Carrot bread with rosemary and olive oil


Coffee/tea with a piece of chocolate

Svenska Kennelklubben, the Svenska Brukshundklubben and the City of Malmö greets everyone warmly welcome to the FCI IPO World Championship 2014.

17:30 Starts the official opening at Malmö Stadion with:
Flag bearer, music, and all participating countries.

Introductory speeches will be held by the City of Malmö Recreational committee's chairman Frida Trollmyr and the president of Svenska Kennelklubben Nils Erik Åhmansson.

Presentation of the judges and protection helpers.

Demonstration by the Svenska Brukshundklubben (Swedish working dog assosiation) with parade where all working dog breeds will participate. Dryland racing will be demonstrated through Canicross - bike, Kickbike and multi spans wagon.

Opening speech held by Frans Jansen, president of FCI Utility Dogs Commission

Then the Swedish national anthem and the 2014 FCI IPO World Championship is started.

Until 02/09 can all team leaders contact Annika Kristensen for information.

Phone. +46707907475

From 5 September are training fields available.
Contact the country host’s so will they guide you to show you to the training fields!

Due to traffic in Malmö so will the contestants have to drive to a gathering place by themselves, and from there you will be guided out to tracking location!

Address to the gathering place of the tracks.
Truckvägen 30
247 64 Veberöd

GPS coordinates:        55 ° 38'30.4 "N              13 ° 30'10.2"E

The information will have an address and GPS coordinates and directions!
There will also be signs at the side of the road the last bit up.

The information is also available in the Secretariat.

Note!! Think of the traffic in Malmo and start early!

  Thursday 11/9

   Friday 12/9

   Saturday 13/9
Group Time for gathering
1 06,45
2 07,55
3 09,15
4 10,25
5 11,55
6 13,05
7 14,25

  IPO-3 Phase A Tracking

The track is laid by a stranger, minimum 600 paces, 5 legs, 4 corners (approx 90 degrees), 3 articles,
aged minimum 60 minutes, execution time 20 minutes.

Maintaining the track 79 points

Article (7+7+7) 21 points

Total: 100 points




  Franz Herdy    
  Charlotta Palm Thomasson     
  Mathilda Edblom    
  Lena Hallkvist    
  Eva Hammarbäck     
  Rebecca Johansson     
  Maria Lundin    
  Pernilla Carlstein Nordin    

Michael Olsson


  IPO-3 Phase B Obedience

Exercise 1: Off leash 10 points

Exercise 2: Sit in motion 10 points

Exercise 3: Down with recall 10 points

Exercise 4: Stand while running 10 points

Exercise 5: Retrieve on the flat 10 points

Exercise 6: Retrieve over the jump 15 points

Exercise 7: Retrieve over the scaling wall 15 points

Exercise 8: Send out with down 10 points

Exercise 9: Down under distraction 10 points

Total: 100 points

Click image to enlarge


  IPO-3 Phase C Protection Work

Exercise 1: Search for the helper 10 points

Exercise 2: Bark & Hold 10 points

Exercise 3: Prevent and escape of the helper 10 points

Exercise 4: Defence of an attack in the guarding phase
20 points

Exercise 5: Back transport 5 points

Exercise 6: Attack on the dog out of the back transport

Exercise 7: Attack on the dog in motion 10 points

Exercise 8: Defence of an attack in the guarding phase
20 points

Total 100 points

Click image to enlarge


Bringing dogs into Sweden

To bring a dog into Sweden follow the regulations of the European Union (EU). Detailed information about the regulations can be found on the Swedish Board of Agriculture’s website (Jordbruksverket); www.sjv.se

Non-Swedish participates are responsible for obtaining information on the rules and regulations for reimporting into the owner’s native country.

Border control on bringing a dog into Sweden

When bringing a dog into Sweden, customs should be notified when crossing the border. Detailed regulations can be found at the Swedish Customs website (Tullverket); www.tullverket.se

The Svenska Kennelklubben's vaccination regulations

The vaccination regulations adopted by Svenska Kennelklubben apply at dog shows and trials. To be eligible for participation the dog must have an up-to-date distemper vaccination.

Distemper vaccination

Participating dogs must have been vaccinated against distemper in accordance with the following:

• Dogs under the age of one (1) year: at the age of at least ten (10) weeks.

• Dogs over the age of one (1) year: the dog must be vaccinated at the age of at least ten (10) months, and not more than four (4) years ago.

Parvo vaccination

Svenska Kennelklubben recommends that all dogs are vaccinated against parvo virus.


Svenska Kennelklubben also recommends that participating dogs are vaccinated against parainfluenza (kennel cough).

Rabies vaccination

For up-to-date information, please visit the Swedish Board of Agriculture's (Jordbruksverket) website www.sjv.se

Male dog that has been neutered (castrated) by medical treatment or by chip treatment (Suprelorin) is not allowed to take part in trials, competitions and shows in Sweden. Exemption to take part is not available.

Bitch that has been neutered (castrated) by continuously medical treatment is allowed to a general exemption to take part in trials, competitions and shows.

Dogs suffering from an infectious disease or infestation of vermin may not take part.


Dogs may not take part if during the last month they have had or are suspected to have had distemper, parvovirus infection or parainfluenza (kennel cough), or if during the last month they have been spending time together with a dog that has had any of these diseases.


Dogs may not take part earlier than two months after completing a period in quarantine.

Dogs with cropped ears

-Dogs born in a country where ear cropping was not allowed when it took place

  may not participate.


-Dogs born in a country where ear cropping was permitted when it took place

  may participate


Dogs with docked tail

-Dogs born in a country where tail docking was not allowed when it took place

  may not participate.


-Dogs born in a country where tail docking was permitted when it took place

  may participate

Bitches in whelp may not take part in trials, shows or competitions in the 30 days before whelping, calculated from 63 days after the first mating, and nor may they take part before 75 days after whelping, regardless of the outcome of the whelping.

Doping and other inappropriate measures

Participating of ill or injured dogs is not permitted. Furthermore the dog must not be affected in any forbidden way, i.e. been subjected to measures aimed at inappropriately altering their appearance, performance or reactions/character, or intended to conceal signs of injury or illness.

For details of regulations regarding prohibited treatments and measures, please see National regulations against doping of dogs, which also includes instructions if possible to apply for exemption from the above regulations.


It is the obligation of the person responsible for a dog to ascertain how a specific treatment or other measure may affect the eligibility of that dog to take part in a trial, competition or show.


If the management decides to carry out doping tests the person responsible for a dog is obliged to make that dog in question available for testing and for any further examination resulting from the test.


For more information about actions and about waiting periods following medical treatment or other measures please contact Svenska Kennelklubben or e-mail to: dopk@skk.se

In order to compete in Sweden

the specific national regulations issued by the Svenska Kennelklubben (NO) .

For SKK's rules guidelines and regulations.
In Sweden, we have high standards for the handling and transportation of a dog. These must be followed by all who come to compete in Sweden.

Information of how to bring a dog to Sweden.

Swedish board of agriculture
IPO rules are international,

To IPO rules


Vädret Malmö