Welcome to the World Championship for utility dogs in Malmö!

With regards to the World Championship for utility dogs in Malmö, Sweden, we should pause and think for a few moments about our four legged friends, -helpers and -lifetime companions. Being together with these wonderful animals is a foundation of human survival and a source of respect for nature and all living creatures. Whether it is for competition, companionship, assistance, security or search and rescue; in good and bad times, dogs are a man’s best friend.

To organize a World Championship involves a tremendous amount of preparation, volunteer work and stress. I want to thank our hosts and their team for all the hard work.

For all the participants I wish good luck and great results at this World Championship. For the judges, I trust that their experience and impartiality will fulfil their important task to come to objective and fair judgements.

Finally I hope that all participants, visitors and friends of the utility dog sport, will experience a wonderful Championship and I am sure that they will enjoy the hospitality of Malmö.

On behalf of the FCI Utility Dogs Commission,

Frans Jansen

Welcome to FCI world championship 2014 in Malmö, Sweden!

As a representative for The association of working dogs that has got the great honor to arrange this magnificent event, I would like to welcome competitors, dogs, leaders, spectators, exhibitors and sponsors to FCI world championship 2014. A feast that hopefully will provide excitement and joy, as well as new acquaintances and experiences.

Malmö offers great tracking fields and an arena that allows both a great audience and generous grass areas. The arena is located close to the city center and to parks used for recreation and walks

Rolf Weiffert
President   Svenska Brukshundklubben
Very welcome!

IPO – World Championship 2014, takes place in Malmö, Sweden 3rd largest city, located by Öresund with a view over to Denmark.

Svenska Kennelklubben (Swedish Kennel Club / NO) are proud and happy to be hosting this big dog event in Sweden, and I am convinced that the Swedish Working Dog association will offer good and successful competitions.

We wish you a warm welcome to our event!

Nils Erik Åhmansson
President Svenska Kennelklubben